Tuesday, September 12, 2006

There's a Thin Line between Suggestive and Skanky

I went to the club this weekend. I just say that I went to the club because it doesn't matter where it was, it was a club, in Chicago, which is not saying much. I'm not a big clubber; house music, over priced drinks, and hyper- muscular guys in tight oxfords are typically not my bag. I do not want to date a tanorexic man. No thank you!

While at the club, I began to think to myself about the fine line between slutty and skanky. Everyone needs to be a little slutty sometimes but it's important not to cross that line, the skank line. It's like the difference between the Jennifer Lopez and Lil' Kim.

So, yes, most of the girls at the club were skanky. Skanky doesn't require execution, it's thoughtless hoochiness...slutty is well, fashionably suggestive.

So okay, i'm going to toot my own horn here. I went to the club looking like a lady. Dark, trouser jeans, with a nude short sleeve, silk tunic top. Pretty coming, even hotter going...the top was backless, coming together with a drawstring at the waist. You could see my little tattoo, but nothing too revealing, just...suggestive.

The bartender on the other hand walked in wearing nothing but a short red trench coat, knee high patent pleather boot. The coat was then taken off to reveal some sort of hot pant jumpsuit that was bursting with fake boobies. I thought she was going to strip for sure.

If anyone thinks that you are any sort of lady for hire, you've become a skank.

Moral of the story: Be a lady, be classy, be sexy, be suggestive...just don't be skanky

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