Friday, September 01, 2006

Please Don't

Dear Chicago,

My eyes hurt!!!!

Today, i saw a gold, sequined fanny pack! OUCH!

I also saw, a lady who was not skinny enough to squeeze into skinny pants. FAT GIRL IN SOME SKINNY PANTS!

Please remember my friends, that being trendy and being stylish are two different things. We all love looking at the beautiful models whose thighs don't touch rocking the trends, but if your body doesn't fit it, don't partake.

We all want to look our best; to tap into our inner sexy girl, to be a hotty with a body. But if you highlight the worst part of your body by wearing clothes that call attention to them, then you won't be.

We have classic pieces for a reason! Audrey and Katherine had a few things right.

Also, can we all smile and say thank god that low rise pants are over. Phew.

tags: Chicago Fashion ; Skinny Pants ; Fanny Packs ; Style ; Low rise pants ; Audrey Hepburn ; Katherine Hepburn


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