Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Karl Lagerfeld Turns my Century

I was contemplating writing this blog on the insaney of fashion's current anachronism when I came across the most beautiful and fun fashion spread I've seen this fall.

Interview Magazine is great. It is a cultural completist's dream, full of music, literature, film, and fashion's biggest and smallest stars, served up in a sexy, avante-gard manner.

To the point my darlings, I was flipping through the pages and found a spread entitled "The Gibson Girl" photographed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld!
Not only am I a history buff, and a fashion history maniac, but KARL LAGERFELD's photography is gorgeous, capturing the timelessness of the Gibson Girl's austere flirtation.

100 years later, she is back wearing Chanel, Rochas, Dior, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren, and Alexander McQueen. The Gibson girl of today embraces the propriety of the gilded age, but finds a sexiness in her new empowerment.

Chicagoan's this autumn, take a hint from your forbears:
"If you want to lead the fashion, In an independent whirl, Walk with a bend in your back, and they'll call you a Gibson Girl" -Music Hall Song Lyric

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