Sunday, August 27, 2006

Too Haute to Handle?

As I was busy resisting my urge to do a flip by flip of the fall Vogue here on Mode-us, I instead contemplated Balenciaga and Oscar de la Renta's fall lines. With structured tulip skirts from Balenciaga and 19th century updates at de la Renta, what I want to know is this: when does fashion become to haute to handle?

On one hand, I love the whimsey of these lines. They are costume-like in fit and in styling. The colors are bright, attention grabbing, and rich. I would use them as outfits for plays like Alice in Wonderland or some sort of high fashion Heda Gabler. How much like dress up it would be to wear these beautiful clothes.

On the other hand I think, where the FUCK am I going to wear that?! I mean, if Kirsten Dunst looks strange in what is essentially a reverse hoop skirt, I'm definately going to look strange in it. I can just see the looks on people's faces, me walking down Clark st. in a Reverse hoop skirt. For ready-to-wear, I feel like these designs are rather unwearable. They are too haute to handle.

(...but I am excited to see what celebs are fashion forward enough to pull the trigger.)

tags: Chicago Fashion ; Vogue; Oscar de la Renta ; Balenciaga ; Kirsten Dunst ; Haute Couture


Blogger Run Around Paris said...

Ooh, that skirt is ridiculous - I agree - where would you wear it?? It looks like an upholstered vanity stool!

8/27/2006 7:57 PM  

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