Friday, August 18, 2006

The Skinny 101

This fall's hottest trend, Skinny pants, is oh so fun, and oh so intimidating. I'm not usually a fan of material clinging to my leg from waist to ankle, but this take off of last winter's cigarette jean is to chic to poo poo. They make me think of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Enough said.

As with most trends, Skinny pants are not meant for all, and there are rules. These pants are not to be "thrown on" (don't kid yourself. They aren't comfortable) some coordination is needed. Soooo....Here are the rules (according to me):

1. Proportions:
Skinny pants are about creating the illusion of long, thin legs. Unless you do in fact have long, thin legs, you are going to have to put together other pieces that will help the look come together. Long, tunics/mini dresses are hot right now, those skinny pants peaking out from underneath a billowy tunic balances the proportions of the pant. It's that boho chic, I only eat granola and yogurt look. Wearing anything to tight or short on top and you will run the risk of looking like a bad 80's fashion flashback. And no one wants that. This pic from The Sartorialist today illustrates perfect Skinny pant execution.

Almost anyone can wear Skinny pants if they choose the right cut and fabric. Denim is great, it typically hides any bumps, but is bulky in and of itself. Anything too thin and unlined is not a good idea, we don't want to see something that looks like leggings without anything over them. I personally prefer my pair of grey, gabardine skinny pants from H&M. They aren't a flashy color and the fabric is the perfect weight! In short, try them on, if you look like you're wearing tights and nothing else, DO NOT pull the trigger.

3. Shoes
Lets face it, the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. I personally feel that skinny pants should not be worn without heels of some sort; kitten,stiletto, stacked, I don't care, but if you're going to wear pants that call attention to your legs, you want them to look their best, and they will always look their best in heels. (Flats are okay if your pants are tailored to hit the ankle or just above it, though I'm personally not a fan).

What it really comes down to is finding the right pair for you, and rocking them. Fashion is 50% fit and 50% attitude. If you like what you're wearing, you'll look great.

P.S. for those of us who can't do the Skinny, high waisted wide legs are flattering and MUCH easier to wear!

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Blogger Jessica said...

those are great rules for skinny jeans--i totally agree with needing heels with them! these jeans are very popular right fact, just today i blogged about them on my blog!
great blog! glad i ran across it!

8/19/2006 5:27 PM  

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