Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Project Run-Day: The Fashion Lover's Friday!

After being in France for Project Runway Season 1, you can imagine my excitement in discovering what I had missed in the character rich Season 2! I'm now hosting weekly "Project Run-day" parties where my friends and I sit glued to the television, holding our breaths for commercial breaks and between gulps of what I wish I could say were Martinis or something a little chicer, but is actually Bud Light.

Now that its Mid-Season 3, and things are starting to get juicy, I can't help but contemplate how the world of fashion has become increasingly accessible to the average American, largely due to the exposure Project Runway has provided. Reality television is good for something after all.

P.R. leaves the American Public (thats you too Chicago) no excuse for bad taste. Watch closely and you'll learn about how to dress for every different occasion, personality, and body. It is our American Couture " how-to" book.

I feel like P.R. is marking the entry into a new phase of American Cultural development. I think of the European Countries and their rich cultures and unique senses of fashion and how much this fashion contributes to their identities. It is a new dimension for our country as we have begun to make a larger contribution to the world of high fashion and to our own cultural identity.

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