Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The List

At the beginning of each new shopping season I like to make a list. A list of things I feel I need to be the stylin' maven' that I fancy myself to be. First I preshop, to see what it is that I want, I usually just head down to Michigan Ave. and browse away.

Pre-poverty, this was much more careless, but this year, in light of recent tragedies (see last post), I am sitting down and making a shopping budget for myself.

This is a great exercise for all of us Chicago shoppers. Being the cheap bastards that we are, it is important to see just how easy it can be to make style work when all you have is two nickels to rub together. You just need to look at fall shopping as updating, not completely revamping your wardrobe.

A great way to do this, is by looking for trendy accessories to use with your classic pieces. This season a big belt that fits around your waist, like this one from Target will only set you back $19.99 and will get you loads of milage this season, with a cute pencil skirt or some trousers it will give you the high waisted effect that everyone is going for this season.

And now for the high rollers, the apparel. These items must be carefully chosen as they are the most expensive. Make sure if you are ready to lay down some serious scrilla that you are doing it on a piece that is well made
and fits perfectly, otherwise, try to cheap out a little bit. For instance a great skinny pant would be these gray, skinny trousers from Old Navy at a mere $34.50, they are perfectly priced for a trend. I'm also splurging on a pair of super high waisted, wide leg trousers at H&M which sort of look like these Nanette Lepore trousers, only mind cost $45 instead of $275. Typically I would recommend buying a high waisted pencil skirt instead, since you've already got a pant. I already have a skirt that acheives the look, so I'm going with the pant.

Now we only have three things left to purchase: a blouse, a jacket, and some shoes!

The Blouse:$32.50 at delias.com:

The Jacket:$54.50 at delias.com:

The Shoes:$24.99 at Target:

And the Grand Total for all of it is, drum roll please.... $211.48

A more than reasonable cost to update your wardrobe. Please, save your pennies, Chicagoans, and hit the streets in style this fall. Think of it as a creative challenge!

P.S. A couple other great spots to find stylish clothes for a bargain are H&M, Filene's Basement, Crossroads Trading Company, and of course, the thrift store!

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