Monday, August 21, 2006

Fashion: A Musical Approach

This weekend while paying a visit to my family at our lakehouse in Michigan I got to take in my little sis' Teen Vogue, Fashion Rocks insert. As a fashion enthusiast and an avid music appreciator, I was more than excited to take in a combination of the objects of my cultural lust.

It seems to me that since musicians have had the publicity to become cultural icons, they have been setting fashion trends. More than any two industries, fashion and music seem to feed off eachother, influencing the other to new and exciting heights of art and development. The article in Teen Vogue had a quote by our beloved Marc Jacobs, stating, "It was music and fashion together, seeing beauty in awkwardness. It was rebellious but not aggressive. And there was a very artistic side to it-going against the glam and the glitz that went before."

It seems that now, almost 10 years into a new century we are heading in the same direction. Gwen Stefani has L.A.M.B., Rocawear is sweeping the world, and we see more and more designers using recording stars as their muses (see Jennifer Lopez for Louis Vuitton and Christina Aguilera for Versace).

Getting to the point, Chicago is one of the country's music capitals; the home of the blues and jazz, and a major indie-rock hub. So it seems to me, that with music as such an integral part of our community's identity, fashion should follow.

I hate to use it as an example, but Emo has really produced the sort of movement I'm talking about. A group of kids who embraced the sad bastard sounds of the likes of Dashboard Confessionals and Bright Eyes (who I love), and carried it through into a whole counter culture of sad bastardom. I love you for this emo kids.

Fashion Rocks has made me think about the ways in which the copious amounts of music I listen to have influenced my own personal style. For instance, CocoRosie makes me feel whimsical, so usually i'll step out wearing some sort of gauzy dress or tunic by Free People. If I listen to Rilo Kiley, I end up with my hair down and wavy in some ultra girly rock-a-billy style outfit. Any sort of rock n' roll like the Chili Peppers or We are Scientists and I'm in some sort of layered graphic tee, jeans and my chucks (worn down to nothing with love).

And so, in light of this, I want to pose a challenge to you, Chicago (and whoever else may happen across my ramblings), to share with me your favorite musician, and how listening to that music has influenced your personal style. Or at the very least, what designer you would dress that artist in.

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